Digmesa Polyform –
your specialist in plastics technology


With Digmesa Polyform you have a partner on your side who will offer you advice and support from the initial idea to the production of the plastic part you want.


Constantly changing market conditions and product life cycles that are getting shorter and shorter demand faster and faster reaction times and a high level of sensitivity to costs. Digmesa Polyform supports and advises you right from the start of your project. We seek out the optimal, most cost-effective solution for you and manufacture production injection moulding tools in the shortest time possible.

We are there for you throughout the entire value-added chain - in other words from project specification to ideas, solutions and feasibility studies; from design engineering and building prototypes and injection moulding tools to the production of injection-moulded parts, including finishing and associated logistics.


We know our way around the world of thermoplastics engineering. We immerse ourselves in our customers' project specifications and propose appropriate solutions in all areas of plastic injection moulding processes, so you can improve your ability to compete decisively.


Digmesa Polyform communicates openly and configures projects in close collaboration with you. We implement project planning consistently and send you status reports at regular intervals.


Digmesa Polyform's up-to-date equipment is made up of no fewer than 11 injection moulding machines. Machines with a clamping force ranging from 20 to 80 tonnes are at your disposal for the production of small and large runs.

Thanks to our flexible company structure with fast reaction times, we are still able to produce small runs of technically-complex injection-moulded components cost-effectively. Large production runs are also handled effectively and at an attractive cost for you, thanks to 24-hour operation.


Plastic parts are tested several times a day by our quality assurance team according to the inspection plan, and, if necessary, using prespecified test equipment. Any variations become apparent immediately and if necessary the Plastics Department is informed so that corrective measures can be introduced right away. All test data is recorded in test reports and archived. This means that variations from the average permitted tolerance can be detected in good time and where necessary corrected, without the necessity for an error message.

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Thanks to our interim storage facility for semi-finished and fully-finished products, we can guarantee 100% readiness to deliver and despatch your products on request. Our processes are configured in such a way that minimal inventory levels of finished products and raw materials are guaranteed.